No Signs of Intelligent Life

Compliance Services – Great Scam!

I recently received in the mail, an envelope.  It’s green (very official looking) has in big bold type just above the window with my corporation’s address in it, the words: “IMPORTANT – Annual Minutes Requirement Statement – Business Mail – Time Sensitive”.   The sender – Compliance Services in Tallahassee, and just below the return address, it says “THIS IS NOT...

Obamacare – Shove it!

So what does this liberal, lefty, commie, collectivist, leaning toward Democrat think of Obamacare – it sucks! If there is anything that will and probably should hurt Democrats in the next election, it’s Obamacare.  Mind you, I truly believe that the Affordable Health Care Act has it’s merits; that the premise is sound; that the current system is unsustainable and unquestionably detrimental to the...

“Bah! Humbug!

Fess up! You’re a closet curmudgeon. There is an inner Scrooge waiting to bust out and beat the livin’ hell outta the next person that tells you to have a Happy Holiday. I hear ya. What’s so damn happy about the holidays anyway – this holiday in particular? The economy sucks, the bills are unrelenting, the price of everything has gone up and you have too damn many gifts to buy. Admit it. The... or

Should I use, or should I use  That’s pretty much the first question I get asked, and likely the most important question to resolve, before jumping into your first site, WordPress site.  If you do some Googling (and you should always be Googling), use the search words “ v”, and narrowed your search to the last month,  you will find...

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