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Bally Total Fitness – No Brains No Gains

If you are thinking of joining a health club or gym, and you happen upon this blog, and you are considering Bally Total Fitness – don’t walk, RUN!  Run away, that is. You will thank me later. (don’t forget).

Here lies (notice the allusion to their imminent demise) a company that has been in and out of bankruptcy several times, has had customer complaints too numerous to compile, has been taken over by its lenders, and has allegedly taken advantage of, lied to, or otherwise scammed so many people that the Guinness Book of Records should be paying attention, and yet, somehow, they are still open for business.

There are regulations regarding health clubs, and supposedly the courts are monitoring their finances and accounting procedures.  A Google search brings up frightening stories about Bally from hoards of unhappy members.  And now, with the help of court imposed reorganization they are actively looking for more suckers … er … members.  Why on earth would the courts let them continue?  Is the assumption that they are just “too stupid to fail”.  Can they ever be successful enough to make you feel secure about giving them your money?  No brains, no gains!

Yes, I’m a member.  Yes, a very unhappy member.  I’m also a member at 24 hour fitness as well as LA Fitness, two other prominent clubs here in south Florida, so I’m not in the precarious position that so many others find themselves.  I don’t care if Bally dies, and in fact I hope they do, so no other people get sucked in and sign up, only to end up in substandard clubs with antiquated equipment, unsanitary conditions, untrained and decidedly ill mannered staff, with a company that is sure to either be shut down or put themselves out of business.

How long will it be before their demise? No one knows of course, but will they take your money with them?

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  1. Kitty says:

    I am a former Bally member, dropped when I joined another club. I have visited a lcoal Bally for Zumba classes (fee) and this morning the instructor found out along with the students that this is our last class – the club is closing.

    Not only are the neighborhood people caught off-guard, the instructors have nowhere to go – the closest Bally club has a full instructor roster. How sad, that the instructors were not given a ‘heads-up’ so they could try to find new teaching sites.

    Now, we are all scrambling. Shame on Bally; doing the right thing is NOT that difficult.

  2. Flash Buddy says:

    Hey Bob, great timing and thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of looking around for a new gym. I am currently enjoying 24Hour Fitness like you, but upon my last visit I was horrified to see myself in the mirror. I was the oldest guy there and definitely the ugliest :)

    Nothing worse than an unfriendly staff, unless it is non maintained equipment.

    Love your writing style, keep it up and spend your fitness dollars wisely my friend.


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