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Bank of America Scores – BankAtlantic Loses

It’s nice to start a “Hit or Miss” type blog off on a positive note, and as luck would have it I just recently had a bad experience (miss) turn into a rather pleasant and productive one (hit), so I’ll start with that.

I’ve been banking, both personal and business, with BankAtlantic for a few years now.  When I opened my several accounts, BankAtlantic was churning away 7-days a week with a staff that was at least cordial, albeit somewhat dense.  A few years later, segue to earlier this week, and that same BankAtlantic branch is understaffed and working no more than classic banking hours.  It get’s worse.  They now have a policy whereby you cannot just leave your money sitting in an account allowing them to use it unless the account is active.  If it’s not active, they badger you with postcards and they make it totally inactive, inaccessible, and it’s all pretty insane.  No, I’m not done.  I’m into green, for what that’s worth, so I prefer online banking.  Sounds easy right?  We all do it.  Not at BankAtlantic.  When you try to sign up for it, they tell you that they’ll send you correspondence regarding your sign up before you can sign up.  And for reasons unknown, they can’t tie my accounts together so I have to have separate log-ins for each account.  Oh, and the final insult … my wife is not considered to be “primary” on the accounts, even though she has the same authorization I do; all of my secret codes and names and such; and she and I set it all up as joint accounts.  How’s that for a kick in the women’s rights movement.  “MISS” by a mile.   So, between her ire and my angst, we decided to mosey across the street to Bank of America and inquire just a tad before doing anything rash, like closing all of our accounts.

At Bank of America we were quickly greeted by Rosanna Hurtado, a Personal Banker, as her title indicates.  As she inquired of our needs, and we started doling out bits and pieces of information, we found ourselves readily engaged in pleasant, casual, and I dare say somewhat personal conversation with her.  She was delightful.  In no time flat, we were relaxed and comfortable and kept asking “if” we could do various things that BankAtlantic just couldn’t seem to manage.  Everything, let me emphasize that because it still amazes me, absolutely everything was at her fingers’ behest.  Accounts opened, business and personal, with ATM cards, signature cards, credit cards and check books, all tied together in their online banking system.  “HIT” it out of the park.

Bye bye BankAtlantic.  Kudos to Bank of America for finding, training and maintaining an exemplary staff.  And thank you Rosanna, for turning a miss into a hit.


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  1. starone66 says:

    Bank Atlantic is one of the worse banks in South Florida. Do not bank with them, go to Bank United or Chase. Recently, someone from Bank Atlantic stole my wife’s information and made purchases online. I reported it to Bank Atlantic, four days and counting went by and no investigation was started. My account is out over $700 dollars and I have bills to pay while these morons just sit around and no nothing. I took all necessary steps by filing a police report and calling the creditor who was willing to reverse the transactions if Bank Atlantic called them, they refused. So, once this issue gets resolved, I will close my account. This is so typical of South Florida with their backward way of doing things.

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