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Compliance Services – Great Scam!

I recently received in the mail, an envelope. 

It’s green (very official looking) has in big bold type just above the window with my corporation’s address in it, the words: “IMPORTANT – Annual Minutes Requirement Statement – Business Mail – Time Sensitive”.   The sender – Compliance Services in Tallahassee, and just below the return address, it says “THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT”.  Seeing that it wasn’t a government document I knew it was junk mail, but it was so “official” looking that I was compelled to open it.

Inside were two pages and a return envelope, all looking suspiciously like the documents I get from the government.  This one was pertaining to a corporation’s meeting of shareholders.  It had my corporate name, corporate number and date, and it included the requisite Florida acts.  The second page was an instruction sheet for filling out the form, very much like the government would send.  Wow! Even knowing this was a scam I still got that queasy feeling in my stomach that one gets when receiving something from the government.  My mind was telling me to fill out the form.  That is until it said to send them $125, and the reality of it hit me.  What an absolutely great scam this would make!

So I took a moment and Googled it, and sure enough, this type of shady business has been ongoing for a few years and in varied forms.  They have more complaints than Carter has liver pills (if you understand that you’re probably old), but I’m told that they stay just within the legal guidelines and cannot be shut down.  It’s amazing isn’t it?

No doubt hundreds or thousands of unsuspecting entrepreneurs end up sending them money for this bogus nonsense.  And why should I care?  Well, aside from the fact that I think it’s unfair, in today’s world where so many have lost their jobs and been forced to start up their own small corporation, it is likely that these poor people and not large corporations, are Compliance Services’ victims.  This is clearly a case of a someone taking advantage of the economy, using a legal loophole, and preying on the one’s who can least afford it.

Compliance Service, in my opinion, are perpetrating a scam and I think their officers should be jailed.  Of course, the entire country was scammed by executives, none of which were even scolded, let alone punished.  So life goes on.  Just make sure you’re not their next sucker.

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  1. Nancy Boland says:

    Can’t believe I almost got suckered out of $84! Thank you for being vigilant….

    • cholito666 says:

      That’s what the notice I received was asking for. From “Tennessee State Compliance”. When I looked at the return envelope I noticed it was addressed for Hallandale, FL!!! It does look official and I googled it and nothing would show up about such a department, another tell sign.

      I was thinking at first this must be a TN law or something, but always double check.

  2. Bill Darrell says:

    We began a start up business this month and within 3 weeks received the $84 Employment Law Posters letter. Looked official and stated on the return address “FLORIDA STATE COMPLIANCE” with a Tallahassee address (although the postage paid permit was from Ft Lauderdale). That was a red flag as none of the Florida Government headquarters are out of Ft Lauderdale and headquarters mail for an address in Tallahassee is post marked for Tallahassee. Also noticed in very small print (5 or 6 point font) at the very bottom of the letter a statement that “Florida State Compliance is a Non-Government publisher….” Another Red Flag. So looked them up and immediately saw your notice. No further investigation required!

    • Mike says:

      So I did a good bit of research today about _ STATE COMPLIANCE
      All of these are factitious company names registered to the parent company called LEC COMPLIANCE GROUP
      Their address is PO Box 219 Hallandale, FL 33008
      President Edwin Luciano Rodriguez; VP Cesar Estevez
      They have many factitious companies all registered under LEC COMPLIANCE (probably 20+ states)
      I actually got a hold of Edwin’s cell phone number – will not publish here; but spoke to him today and asked for my money back. He gave me the PO BOX 219 Hallandale FL address. I am sending his posters back and will see what comes of it.
      These 2 guys have many other businesses registered in their names also (Computer Repair stores, Car Wash company…). It’s amazing what is public domain on the internet via government agencies.

      From FL Sec of State website:

  3. Keandra says:

    Thank-you for the heads up, I received this scam notice today.

  4. Thanks, I just got a letter from Corporate Liars Sevices about the $84 poster and 2 things made me think it was a scam.

    1. $84 for a poster? I can Kinko it for pennies.

    2. $17,000 fine for not complying? Ridiculous.

    I’m 84 dollars richer thanks to you.

    • I just sent them $84 in monopoly money and the words f___ y___ on their letter. Ha ha ha.

    • Bob says:

      Thanks for the comment Morgan.

    • Cheryl says:

      I just got one today too. By the looks of this thread its still going on after 3.5 years. They must be making a killing on people who are dupped into the scam.
      I knew I better research this especially since I don’t even run a business. I simply registered a Fictitious Name.

      • Bob says:

        There is a sucker born every minute. And they count on it. And they take advantage of it. The promise of the Internet keeps luring newbees into start-ups and most are too busy, or too frightened to know the difference.

  5. Rob Blackman says:

    Thank you Bob for this article. We are a new business in FL and had the same Labor Law Posters scam come through, offering all required posters for $84.00.

    As mentioned by yourself and others its a very compelling argument and looks very official! Also after speaking with our Payroll company ADP we know that some posters were required to be posted in the work place, but we got those free from ADP.

    I can see how many people would get caught out on this, google is very much a great tool and led me here.

    Thank you!

    Compliance Document Services are despicable scammers!

    • Bob says:

      Always nice to see the Internet prove to be of some value.

    • David says:

      I just recieved the posters letter myself almost filled it out but what was wierd is there is no phone number or any websites mentioned for you to do it online or call glad i googled and found this site thank you all

    • greg says:

      thanks for this information. For my part I received 2 docs:
      -certificate of status request form = $47
      -labor law compliance notice = $84

      Both are from “113 south monroe street, Tallahassee FL 32301”

      I imagine that both are scams…?

      thanks google :-)

  6. brian says:

    Thanks for this thread guys!!

  7. Curt says:

    Why ins’t this mail fraud?

    • Bob says:

      Indeed, to anyone with common sense it seems it would be mail fraud – but that’s not how the legal system operates :)

  8. Jonathan says:

    I just got one in the mail myself. There is a lot of info about them online I think the main key for us business owners is to do a little research first. I did find this to I thought it was funny.

    • Bob says:

      Without question, the ultimate ploy for reputation management on the Internet is to flood the SERP with good (even if it’s false) information to counteract the bad information (even if it’s true). More often than not, it helps, although it rarely covers all bases if you’re a careful browser. In essence, an educated consumer is their worst customer.

  9. Jill says:

    Received this for both of our businesses and I sent it back with GIANT BOLD RED writing letting them know they were scamming people. Horrible.

    • Bob says:

      I think I may start campaign and ask everyone that gets these notices to send them to their State Representative. Maybe that will open someone’s eyes.

  10. Reel Deel says:

    The letter I just got had a phone # tried. Naturally, it was a recording saying they would return my call. None-the-less, I left a message for them to leave me alone or I would contact the Attorney General.

  11. mike hilla says:

    Thx. for your work and site.
    Got one from them today in FL. from Thousand Oaks, CA.
    It was the Labor Law Compliance Posters bit.
    Getting used to filtering this kind of crap; but still get the “choke”.
    Maybe we could start an on – line complaint petition and mail it to all Congress members as false impersonation or postal fraud.
    Require large “non – official” or “Advertisement”; on the envelope. Like news paper and mag. adds. No time for these distractions! THX! mh

    • Bob says:

      After some research, I discovered that in fact the Attorneys General of several states have “looked into” this type of practice, but thus far, nothing has been done. The issue no doubt is that is does skirt the edges of the law although we feel it crosses the bounds of common decency. That said, and educated consumer is their worst customer.

    • pat schanlaub says:

      Got the labor law compliance notice from compliance document services from Washington DC. Checked on the address to find it a large building leasing offices. Also, looks like you can obtain posters for free. Of course, you never know until you order. I see everyday that something is free until you are ready to send it and find out it does cost.

    • dr k csoka says:

      Same letter, from Sacramento but pay Thousand Oaks! Warning: $2000 fine, 5 years imprisonment! Good! At the same time in * not a government agency!

      Followed by a call from compliance dept, but no message!

      Our country is getting into the hands of scammers!! Has to spend more and more time to weed out them!

  12. Heather says:

    I just got it in the mail as well! Glad I did a little research before wasting time on it. :)

  13. JHess says:

    Thanks for posting this, hopefully people will do a quick search for Compliance Services.

    Got this letter today in Colorado … and it made me think for a second. A quick Google search confirmed my suspicions .. scam.

    I put a form into everybody I could think of: Postmaster General, Attorney General, The UPS store where the return address is, UPS Corporate and the hosting company in the hopes that I can at least make them really uncomfortable.

    I shoved all the form submission acceptance notices in the return envelope. I also included a bill for $125 for my 20 minutes to do all this … my time is expensive.

  14. Doris G says:

    I received a letter from them today. This one is a “Labor Law Compliance Notice” It leads one to think they are being fined for failure to post labor posters. Then requests $84 It is a compliance requirement and you are given a respond by date. I am a HR Generalist, I knew immediately it was a hoax, still, it was compelling and I had to read it.

    Then I visited the website, for just a second I thought, I must be in the wrong line of business. This guy is making a killing, misleading and stealing from others and he has covered his bases. He is offering a service.

    It’s sad, and unless those who receive these types of scams make their voices heard, it will continue.

    • Bob says:

      Thanks for the comment Doris, but unfortunately, while you and I certainly believe such deceptive practices are tantamount to scamming, it seems the legal system doesn’t agree. These ads are carefully scripted such that they don’t cross the line, they just skirt the edge, so according to the attorneys I spoke to, it falls under the heading of “buyer beware”.

  15. Mari says:

    We recieved a letter to pay the workers compensation ,with a tax ID and all, the thing is that they have my husband name right, type of business as automotive… well guess what? He actualy do side auto repairs on the side. We also received letters for pre-approved business loans, cals to advertise the business… Its great I found your site. Why there is no action against that company ” compliance document services”? What can we do to stop them?

  16. JsGardenCafe says:

    Thank you Bob for this info. I received a letter in the mail today in relation to “Labor Law Compliance Notice”. I felt uneasy especially because they’re demanding money (I posted the pictures on J’s Garden Cafe’s Facebook).

    I immediately “Googled” the company’s name & got confirmation that this letter is in fact bogus!

    Business owners please beware of another company “PERSONNEL CONCEPTS”
    with this address: Compliance Service Department
    3200 East Guasti Rd, Suite 300
    Ontario, Ca 91761

    They are also sending out letters for people to send them money. However official the letter looks, DO NOT SEND MONEY!

    • Bob says:

      There is no end to the list of scams out there. Some day I’ll start posting them again :) Glad it’s helped.

  17. Paul says:

    Just got this in the mail today. What gave it away is the “this is not a government document”. They’ll find a way to get around having to put that on the envelope eventually. It reminds me of those “Warning your auto warranty is about to end” scams

    • bobschecter says:

      Oh yeah! I get them on cars I no longer own. But people respond to them all the time – so they’ll keep sending them.

  18. Galal Ramadan says:

    I had sent 2 checks to Compliance Services for 2010 and 2012 letters denamding payments for annual minutes. I filed complained with Consumer Complaint Agency on March 27, 2012. To my surprise after 5 days I received a check from Compliance Services of $250 as refund for the 2 payments I have made to them in 2o10 and 2012….
    Phone# 1-888-377-1819
    Fax# 1-888-737-6930
    If you need more info. please email me:

  19. MQuinones says:

    Just got the letter requesting our company’s annual minutes and $125.00…I decided to give Compliance Services a call but did not see a phone number on letter, so I goggled the company name and low and behold your Compliance Service – Great Scam! came up and once I started reading your comment, I thought gee it’s always wise to check and double check when someone wants your information and more importantly your money.

    Thanks for your Blog!

    • Yvonne says:

      Just put check in the mail and after checking the website I put a stop payment on check. Cost me $32.00 for stop payment fee. That is better than $125.00. There shall a punished for this scam especially gear to small business. Even thought it had on the letter. “This product has not been approved or endorsed by any goverment agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government. Small Buiness please be aware of this SCAM. This is to warned you of this Fraud Fraud Scam Scam Scam.

  20. jayna says:

    Thank you for confirming my gut feeling that this was a SCAM!! I too was ready to put a check in the mail!! Why on earth this should NOT be considered illegal makes me sick.

  21. PC Moore says:

    I almost sent them a check.
    Decided to Google the sender’s information.

    I own a small business in Boston Massachusetts.

    • bobschecter says:

      Glad to have saved you a headache. I’ve gotten nearly 100 emails from others who were also ready to ante up on this scam.

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